The Anatomy of a Disciple

AOD Unlimited

In your walk with God, we have the roadmap to get you there.

The Problem

Church attendance in America is slowly decreasing. The number of people who view religion as an important aspect of their lives is also falling.

There is a palpable need amongst religious organizations and communities for discipleship resources – ones that can deliver what people are truly searching for: meaning in their lives, meaning in religion, and a viable approach to problem-solving that will carry them through even the most challenging times.

People want to grow in their faith but there really is no yardstick to measure progress or define success.

We believe that yardstick should be Jesus

AOD Unlimited unlocks the potential in your congregation, providing you with a way to measure progress and assess the unique needs of your flock so that you may better serve them.

Anatomy of a Disciple Diagram

The Solution

Discipleship is a matter of the heart.

From the Gospel accounts of the Bible, we have identified eight characteristics that Jesus embodied during his time here on earth. These eight qualities form the basis of AOD Unlimited, a discipleship self-assessment that is designed to provide specific direction as we learn how best to walk with Jesus.

The AOD Unlimited assessment is an exercise that addresses the need we all have to understand how we are doing today and where our opportunities for growth and learning lie.

AOD Unlimited provides you with a tool that, based on the eight qualities, pinpoints exactly where people have the greatest opportunity to grow. As a result, focus can be given to the areas that are going to make the most difference. For Pastors, it will help you deliver value and meaning through your work while bringing a sense of balance into the spiritual lives of others in their journey towards true discipleship.

How It Works

As Christians, our most significant commandment is Matthew 28. In this passage, Jesus calls upon us to both be and make disciples.

Unfortunately, beyond a handful of personal interactions, most church pastors don’t have an accurate data source to gauge whether they are really making a difference in that regard.

With AOD Unlimited, you will have the ability to connect what you do best to a tangible result – helping people become more authentic disciples of Jesus.

Building a strong flock takes insight, focus, and dedication

Our solution is delivered as a subscription, giving you and your congregation full access to the assessment and all the tools you need to gain the most value from it. Members access the assessment through a secure web portal. You receive the anonymous results as a data set, which can then be leveraged into a plan of action.

Understanding the needs of your congregation as a whole will support you in reaching them in a more meaningful way. This will help you to build a strong flock who will, in turn, strengthen the greater cause through their own discipleship.

Sample Church Profile

What AOD Unlimited is, what it is not

AOD Unlimited does not output an arbitrary “score” that measures how spiritual an individual is or is not. Rather, it provides a number of insights that can serve as a baseline for individual growth.

The assessment is not like a personality evaluation, like Myers-Briggs or Wonderlic. These tests provide results that are static, unmalleable.

Conversely, we believe that as disciples of Jesus, we are constantly growing in our faith. We believe that understanding where we are today can help to establish a launchpad for growth in other areas.

People who have taken our assessment tend to have a much greater clarity about areas of their lives in which they are strong as well as areas of opportunity in their walk with the lord.

Our assessment provides a basis for such understanding and can support your work in the following areas:

  • Discover, as a whole, how your congregation is doing on a spiritual level
  • Identify opportunities to provide additional services
  • Provide inspiration for new sermons and sermon series
  • Help your members discover a renewed passion for their faith
  • See your members gain a better understanding of where they are spiritually

If you are struggling with diminishing attendance and are looking for a way to reach your members in a more meaningful way, AOD Unlimited can help. Reach out today to learn more about how to get started.

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