The Anatomy of a Disciple

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Small Group Video Curriculum

What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? In this eight-session small group experience, Brad Bell uses the simple but very intentional life of Jesus Christ to illustrate what authentic spiritual growth really looks like. Find out how you can become more and more like Him over time, no matter who you are or where you have been.

Download includes eight short videos, each accompanied by a study session uniquely designed for small groups, and 10 free Anatomy of a Disciple Self-Assessments.

Session 1 – Intro to The Anatomy of a Disciple

At the end of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells you to go and make disciples. Unfortunately many of us have an ambiguous picture of discipleship as well as a misunderstanding of how to navigate ourselves to spiritual maturity. In this session, Brad explains how you can use The Anatomy of a Disciple Self-Assessment to remove the ambiguity surrounding being a disciple, and obtain a clear understanding of how you are doing spiritually.

Session 2 – Responding to God’s Call

Spiritual growth and true life change require you to respond to God’s call. In doing so, your life begins to change from the inside out. In this session, Brad describes the four key areas in your life that God will begin to change as you respond to Him.

Session 3 – Humbly Submitted

How do you know if the weeds of pride are preventing you from obtaining a dynamic and vibrant spiritual life? In this session, Brad identifies several indicators that may reveal the presence of pride in your life and explains the importance of being Humbly Submitted to God.

Session 4 – Biblically Formed

Are you bored spiritually? Are you stagnant in your faith? To be and make disciples, you must first have a true picture of who you really are and what God wants for you. In this session, Brad discusses the spiritual transformation that takes place from reading, memorizing and living out God’s Word, and why humble submission and biblical formation must exist in tandem.

Session 5 – Generosity

Jesus lived His life to be a blessing to those around Him, and God desires for you to generously and intentionally bless those around you. In this session, Brad identifies the societal challenges with living a life of generosity and what it means to be a steward of your time, talents and treasures.

Session 6 – Morality

Jesus frequently associated with people who were broken and in need. With moral discernment, He entered into the dark world so He could influence it, and you are called to do the same. In this session, Brad demonstrates the need for you to enter in so you can be salt and light to a fallen world.

Session 7 – Relationships

Why are relationships important? Why are they so difficult? Discipleship happens when you invite others into your life. In this session, Brad explains why relationships matter to God and how you form healthy relationships with a Humbly Submitted heart and a Biblically Formed mind.

Session 8 – Living From the Inside Out

The journey of your spiritual life doesn’t mean that you walk perfectly in your faith, but rather that you would walk with a limp. In this final session, Brad explains what it means to be a disciple and how you can take the truths of the Word of God to affect the way you live.

what you'll receive

  • Eight short videos and a small group discussion guide distributed via zip file
  • A unique assessment code via email good for 10 free self-assessments