The Anatomy of a Disciple

Church Pastors and Leaders

How is your church really doing spiritually?

Anatomy of a Disciple Diagram

Week after week you show up and teach. Then it’s off to another counseling appointment, another Bible study, another program, and all the while Sundays just keep coming. You go home wondering, am I making a difference? Does it even matter?

What if you could know how your congregation was doing spiritually? What if you could see where they were struggling and where they were strong? That’s where The Anatomy of a Disciple gets really interesting for pastors and church leaders.

The Anatomy of a Disciple Self-Assessment measures spiritual growth in 8 areas that we see demonstrated in the life of Christ. In less than 30 minutes, your congregants can know, objectively and with clarity, exactly how they are doing spiritually. These results are compiled onto your personal dashboard.

Sample Church Profile

You will be able to see where your people are growing and where they are stalled, and respond accordingly. You can prepare teaching and provide resources specifically targeted to help your congregation produce authentic and sustainable spiritual growth.

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Measure How Your Church Is Doing Spiritually

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