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What We Can All Learn From Michael Phelps and Ray Lewis

Posted August 12, 2016

By now we’ve all seen the touching story of Michael Phelps struggles and recovery. While the story is incredibly inspiring it also contains a lesson for all of us. Michael Phelps credits the outreach of his friend, football player Ray Lewis, for his recovery. In Phelps time of need, Ray reached out in a simple way that changed Michael’s life forever. Here are a few lessons we can learn from Ray Lewis’ response to Michael Phelps.

When Someone is in Trouble We Must Lean In

When others pulled away from Phelps, Lewis leaned in. This is the greatest responsibility we have as Christians. When we see people God has placed in our lives hurting it is not enough to pray for them from a distance. We need to show up for them.

Sometimes Less is More

Ray didn’t lecture Michael. He encouraged him and helped him get the help he needed. He was there for him and his presence gave Phelps hope.

A Simple Gift

Often we want to reach out, but sometimes we overthink it. Lewis’ simple gift of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren changed Phelps life. Maybe our response doesn’t have to be profound. Maybe it can be as simple as throwing someone a life preserver like Lewis did by his simple gesture.

Ultimately it’s God who works to change the lives of those we love. When we allow ourselves to be used by God in the lives of others we get to experience the blessing of being used by God.

Who has God placed in your life that you might need to reach out to today?