The Anatomy of a Disciple

Book Cover for Walking With a Limp by Brad Bell

Walking With a Limp

By Brad Bell

When asked about your relationship with God, you say, “Fine. Good.” But you have no idea. You can count up how many times you’ve said, “Oh crap,” or thought, God, I hope I don’t do something stupid today. You try to be good. And fail. You try harder to be good. And fail. Eventually, you don’t try so hard, don’t live so well, and just show up on Sunday out of obligation, bored to death, and fake it.

Wrestling With God Is No Ordinary Bar Fight.

The mess of life gets deeper and dirtier, and stuck is where you are – trying to become more like Christ – but never getting there. You’re not growing or maturing in your faith, and you’re pretty sure it’s your own fault. The answer is not to read more, and pray more, and serve more, and wait to grow more spiritually. So what is the answer? Where do you start?

Once far from the Lord and focused on things that stimulated all sorts of nonsense, Brad was willfully broken and broken and broken. After years of a repetitive pattern of spiritual failure, the self-proclaimed hairy-back-knuckle-dragger, finds it’s better to live life walking with a limp with God than to do life whole and on your own.

There was a way out for him, and there is a way out for you.

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“Walking With A Limp” is going to change the way you pursue Christ and the way you live day to day. Brad is purposely transparent, using language that will reach you right where you’re at. Page after page, he pushes for self-awareness in such a way that doesn’t accuse you or make you feel like a loser.

Former NFL Super Bowl Champion Quarterback and current NFL Analyst for ESPN, Trent Dilfer

Brad Bell

Brad Bell

Founding pastor of The Well Community Church, international speaker, and author of Walking With A Limp, part of The Anatomy of a Disciple Series.

A native of Fresno, California and former Fresno State defensive lineman, Brad lived the stereotypical life of a college athlete until 1993, when he started living for Jesus. Upon completing his undergraduate degree in Health Science from California State University, Fresno in May 1995, Brad moved to Denton, Texas to participate in a discipleship program.

In Texas, he met and married his bride Jen. After receiving his Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in May 1999, the couple returned to his hometown where they currently live with their two daughters, Peyton and Kendall.

In 2002, Brad founded The Well Community Church, an equipping, multisite church with three local campuses and church plants across California’s Central Valley and the Pacific Northwest.